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Covid - 19 Update

Faith Medical Clinic is now offering rapid Covid-19 testing.

Faith Medical Clinic

Family Medicine

The mission of Faith Medical Clinic is to be God's hands and feet. We provide healing for his people by working willingly, efficiently, and enthusiastically.

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Family Medicine Services

Occupational Medicine in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Occupational Medicine

Faith Medical Clinic offers DOT Physicals, drug screenings, and even breath alcohol exams. Let our health care professionals diagnose and treat any work-related injuries or illnesses you may have. We will also educate you on these illnesses so that you can prevent them. 

Allergy Testing in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing performed with only four drops of blood gives Faith Medical Clinic results on environmental allergies, insects, and food allergy you may have. Treatment for Allergies include weekly shots or daily oral drops, you get to decide.

Chronic Illness in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Chronic Illness

Faith Medical Clinic is here to help with any Chronic Illnesses you may be suffering from such as asthma, migraines, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and more. Sometimes these illnesses seem as if they'll never go away. Come to Faith Medical Clinic so that we can help.

Acute Illness in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Acute Illness

If you are suffering of an acute illness such as an ear ache, sore throat, flu symptoms, or a fever come visit us. We can help you diagnose  your symptons and prevent them from getting any worse. Making sure that these symptoms aren't more than just an acute illness.

Weight Loss in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Weight Loss

Faith Medical Clinic offers three packages that are tailored to each patient's indivdual needs. These packages can include medication, skinny shots, or both depending on which package is chosen. Plus Faith medical clinic gives you meal and exercise ideas for best results.

Preventative Care in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Preventative Care

Faith Medical Clinic offers preventative care physicals for men, women, and children.  These wellness checks, include lab work, EKG, urine. Getting a yearly check up helps prevent disease down the road. Visit us at Faith Medical Clinic for Preventative Care today.

Hormone Pelleting in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Hormone Pellet Therapy by O&W Surgical, PLLC

Menopause or andropause are
conditions that can affect your sex drive, energy, sleep, and even cause joint pain, hormone replacement is key to improving these symptoms. Come to Faith Medical Clinic so that we can assist you with Menopause or andropause.

Womens Health in Amarillo| Faith Medical Clinic

Women's Health Care

Faith Medical Clinic proudly takes care of women’s healthcare needs by providing preventative care such as pap smear services. Faith Medical Clinic also does breast exams, birth control therapy, hormone replacement, and referral for mammogram screenings.

Membership Plan in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

Membership Plan

Do not have health insurance? Do not worry, by becoming a member of Faith Medical Clinics, you have access to most health care services, this includes labs, xrays, provider visit, and much more. Please call our clinic for more information, family plans available as well.

No Appointment Necessary


Cold and flu symptoms
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease (COPD)
Onsite Lab


Sprains, strains, and broken bones
Cuts and lacerations
Bites and stings
Onsite X-Rays


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