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Checking Blood Pressure

About Faith Medical Clinic


Faith Medical Clinic sees an average of 850 walk-in appointments per month. Our appointments range from pediatrics to geriatrics. Our specialties vary across problems such as infections all the way to heart attacks, though we do not treat heart attacks, we will prep you and make sure you make it to the nearest ER.

We take great pride in our work. We expect each employee to know the mission of Faith Medical Clinic, and understand why we do what we do for our community. We want each patient to feel important and special, not only because we are helping them, but because they touch our lives and hearts as well.

We strive to share a bond with each of our patients. We strive to make sure every patient shares that bond with us. We wish to provide our employees with a safe, happy, and healthy work environment. We want our employees to love the place and be as passionate about the job as we are, so we try to make sure they are comfortable and feel like family at work.

The Faith Medical Clinic family also loves to take part in the community as well. Some of our favorite events are dressing up for Halloween and participating in 4th of July parades. Though we are growing and want to continue to grow, we don’t want to lose the small town big family feeling.

About our owner,
Gloria Jimenez-Lewis, DNP, MBA, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Gloria started Faith Medical Clinic in 2013. Her goal was to provide affordable care to those who needed it the most. The patients without health insurance who were being charged inflated prices. She also felt the need for fulfillment, being able to provide the kind of care she wanted to provide to her patients without being questioned if she wanted to treat a patient for free. She also wanted to provide an environment that provided employees with a fun, safe, and loving environment where they could grow and rise to the challenge of delivering outstanding care to those in need.


The Vision of Faith Medical Clinic

As we grow we want to maintain our current level of care toward all of our patients. We strive to provide faith, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, love, gentleness, patience, and strength of the spirit to every patient. Our vision is to reach as many patients, always going above and beyond to care for God's people. Each employee is tasked with making sure every patient is treated with respect, kindness, and enthusiasm. 

The Mission of Faith Medical Clinic

The mission of Faith Medical Clinic is to be God's hands and feet. We provide healing for his people by working willingly, efficiently, and enthusiastically. Se habla español.

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